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Retro-podcast: The pleasure and pain behind Queen's 'The Game'



Can you really have a retro-podcast when all you do is podcast about the podcast? Well, I needed a label for when I repost older-but-relevant-again shows, and so there you have it. Today is the 37th anniversary of the release of Queen's epic album The Game.

Back in 2010, Sean Daly and I recorded this show when The Game turned 30 years old. And it was all going along swimmingly until he came up with an absurd theory about how the song Save Me was actually about my then-recent busted relationship with the heartbreaker known as "Vegas Girlfriend." 

But was he right? I read the lyrics again today ...

It started off so well
They said we made a perfect pair
I clothed myself in your glory and your love
How I loved you
How I cried
The years of care and loyalty
Were nothing but a sham it seems
The years belie we lived a lie
I love you till I die...

Of course, there are some redeeming messages in the song too:

The slate will soon be clean
I'll erase the memories
To start again with somebody new
Was it all wasted
All that love?
I hang my head and I advertise
A soul for sale or rent
I have no heart I'm cold inside
I have no real intent...

Eh, maybe Daly and Queen had a point. That was about seven years ago and to be honest, the scars are still not fully healed. Every failed relationship I've had since then has some crime-scene evidence from that horrific breakup. Actually, the breakup wasn't awful; it was the truth that quickly followed - she was with someone else - that caused the damage.

As a defense mechanism, I'm apt to occasionally block people on Facebook so I'm not tempted to check up on them. Vegas Girlfriend was one of them - until today. After listening to the podcast again - and the song - I decided to remove the block. Did I look her up? No. Not yet. Why not? "Because I have no heart. I'm cold inside. And I have no real intent."

Enjoy the podcast. 

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