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Ultimate Bar Guide

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  1. Bar review: Coffee Grounds serves java and cocktails in Treasure Island

    Bars & Spirits

    I won't bore you with a tedious recap of Hurricane Irma's aftermath, but by the fourth night without electricity I had to get out of the house. I headed out to the beach to cool off at a bar that I has noticed while passing by not long ago.

    Maren Kritz pours a Chocolate Coffee Martini at Coffee Grounds Coffee and Cocktails bar in Treasure Island. They use local Kahwa.
  2. Local Craft Beer of the Week: Oubliette, Hidden Springs Aleworks

    Bars & Spirits

    Just shy of its two-year anniversary last weekend, Tampa Heights' Hidden Springs Aleworks released a beer that makes a compelling argument for drinking local.

    Photo by Justin Grant
  3. Local craft beer of the week: Grandpa Jack's Pils, Crooked Thumb Brewery

    Bars & Spirits

    "Floral and spicy aromas and a subtle malt character," reads the can of Grandpa Jack's Pils, an excellent, authentic German pils from Safety Harbor's Crooked Thumb Brewery.

    Crooked Thumb Brewing's Grandpa Jack?€š€™s Pils, tbt* local craft beer of the week for 09/15/17. Crooked Thumb is in Safety Harbor
  4. Bar review: The Copper Shaker in downtown St. Petersburg

    Bars & Spirits

    I think I've found the Goldilocks bar.

    There's definitely a sweet spot in my preference in drinking establishments. Not too crowded, but not dead. Not too expensive, but not a dive (often the inevitable result of very cheap drinks). Great selection, but not overwhelmingly so. Attractively designed, but not …

    Copper Shaker’s Coochi Cutter begins with Brooklyn Gin.
  5. What to know about wine when hosting a dinner party

    Bars & Spirits

    If you host dinner parties built around wine, for guests who can spend hours debating the fine points of vintages and brix and terroir, and who will sniff if you serve that Bordeaux at five degrees off the optimal temperature, you're probably not looking for tips.


Can you spy the famous Skipper's Smokehouse collectibles?

See if you can find the collectibles listed below behind the bar at the famous Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. Use your scroll wheel or double-click to zoom into the picture. Click and drag to move the picture around. Once you find a collectible, click to see a larger version.

Here's what you need to find:

Buddy Guy portrait  |  Signature Drink  |  An Ode to Hippies  |  Pachinko  |  Man v. Food Photo  |  Pyramid-shaped "Blues Trophy"  |  A gift from their gator meat supplier

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