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Alex Leary, Times Washington Bureau Chief

Alex Leary

Alex Leary is the Washington bureau chief for the Tampa Bay Times. He previously worked in the Times' state capital bureau, and before that covered local politics, environmental issues and law enforcement. His career in journalism began at the Valley News in New Hampshire.

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  1. GOP ad likens Sen. Nelson to Elizabeth Warren


    WASHINGTON - In what may be the first campaign ad against Sen. Bill Nelson, Republicans today debuted a Facebook spot that asserts the Florida Democrat is not much different than liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

    The NRSC said the ad will target people who “lean conservative” and independents statewide; it would not reveal how much money is behind the ad. Nelson is up for re-election in 2018....

    Facebook ad
  2. What's Marco Rubio doing in Europe?


    WASHINGTON - As lawmakers are home facing often hostile crowds at town halls, Sen. Marco Rubio is somewhere overseas right now on what his office calls an “official oversight trip” whose mission includes discussing “Russian aggression in Europe.”

    On Monday, Rubio’s office said he would “attend multiple bilateral meetings with heads of state and senior government officials in Germany and France, two countries with upcoming elections who are facing concerns about Russian interference.”...

  3. Anti-abortion activists target Sen. Nelson in Gorsuch confirmation battle


    Anti-abortion activists working to confirm Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will demonstrate outside Sen. Bill Nelson's Tampa office tomorrow.

    Local activists will be joined by members of Susan B. Anthony List for the noon event, according to a release.

    Nelson, up for re-election in 2018, faces pressure from the right and left....

  4. Trump advisor Stephen Miller to attend Fox News town hall in Jacksonville


    Fox News is hosting a town hall from Jacksonville at 7 tonight that will focus on immigration.

    Among those attending is Stephen Miller, the 31-year-old aide to President Trump who was involved in the crafting of the controversial travel ban, and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who has drawn fire for complying with Trump's directive on sanctuary cities.

    "Moderated by Martha MacCallum, the town hall will feature a dialogue between key newsmakers and Florida voters on the issue of immigration in the context of national security and jobs."...

  5. Trump's visits to Florida costing taxpayers millions


    CBS News looks at the costs of President Trump's frequent travel to Florida, which by some estimates is up to $10 million.

    The piece includes an interview with Tom Fitton of the conservative Judicial Watch, which is pressing the White House to reveal the costs. Trump has gone to Florida the past three weekends. "He doesn't need to go to Florida every weekend," Fitton says. "He can work at the White House or up at Camp David."...

  6. Trump golfed more than a 'couple' holes in Florida


    The White House today acknowledged that President Trump played more than a "a couple" holes of golf yesterday in Florida.

    "As stated yesterday the President played golf. He intended to play a few holes and decided to play longer," spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. "He also had a full day of meetings, calls and interviews for the new NSA, which he is continuing today before returning to Washington, D.C. Tonight."...

  7. Military jets buzz planes that violated restricted airspace while Trump in Florida


    The following is from the Palm Beach Post:

    At least nine planes violated temporary flight restrictions through Monday morning for President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago stay, with at least two of those having the unique experience of being buzzed by military jets, federal officials confirmed this morning to The Palm Beach Post.

    Eight of those crossed the line on Friday alone, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement....

  8. Liberal activists plan 'empty chair' town hall for Rubio in Tampa


    Liberal activists in Tampa on Wednesday will hold an “empty chair” town hall on behalf of Sen. Marco Rubio, part of an ongoing campaign that borrows from tea party tactics.

    “Join fellow Tampa Bay constituents as our invited (yet unconfirmed) guest Senator Marco Rubio hears and responds to constituent questions, concerns and issues brought forth in a format of an organized Q&A style evening,” reads a Facebook notice from Indivisible Tampa....

  9. Rubio in Europe this week for talks on 'Russian aggression'


    Sen. Marco Rubio will be in Europe this week for "multiple bilateral meetings" with German and French officials, according to Rubio's office.

    The trip comes as Congress is on recess.

    "Senator Rubio is traveling overseas this week to attend multiple bilateral meetings with heads of state and senior government officials in Germany and France, two countries with upcoming elections who are facing concerns about Russian interference," reads a note posted on Facebook....

  10. Trump welcomes a super fan onto the stage in Melbourne


    Donald Trump dismissed security concerns and welcomed a man onto the stage in Melbourne on Saturday, a splash of showmanship in a rally that made you think the campaign was still going.

    "I'm only worried he's going to give me a kiss," Trump joked. "Come on up."

    The man is Gene Huber of Boynton Beach, per the Palm Beach Post's George Bennett. Media reports indicated Huber had been on line many hours before the rally....

    President Donald Trump in Melbourne
  11. Trump calls the news media 'enemy of the American people'


    President Trump on Friday leveled his most acerbic attack on the news media, calling the free press "the enemy of the American people."

    Trump launched the salvo after arriving at Mar-a-Lago, his third visit in as many weeks.

    Trump tweet
  12. Bob Graham wants Congress to set up 9/11 style panel to probe Russian meddling


    Former Sen. Bob Graham, who co-chaired a congressional investigation into 9/11, wants a similar approach for a probe into Russian interference.

    Graham issued the following:

    "After the horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11, the congressional leadership set aside political differences in a search for the truth. For the first time in more than 200 years, Congress merged two standing committees from different houses -- the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence -- into a Joint Congressional Inquiry. Due in large part to the experience of our members, their familiarity with the use of classified information and an independent staff, the Joint Inquiry wrote the first draft of the U.S. intelligence community’s role in the events surrounding the tragedy. Our investigation discovered documentation and data that raised concerns about possible involvement of foreign individuals and sources of support for the hijackers.”...

  13. Daughter of Trump's Florida campaign manager 'walked out' of White House


    The following is from Politico:

    Several White House staffers were dismissed Thursday morning after failing FBI background checks, according to sources familiar with the matter.

    Six aides were "walked out of the building by security" on Wednesday after not passing the SF86, a Questionnaire for National Security Positions for security clearance.

    Among those whose White House posts were revoked was President Donald Trump’s director of scheduling, Caroline Wiles, the daughter of Susan Wiles, Trump’s Florida campaign manager and former chief of staff to Governor Rick Scott. Wiles was appointed deputy assistant secretary before the inauguration in January. Two sources close to Wiles said she will get another job in Treasury....

  14. As a candidate in Florida, Trump loved leaks


    WASHINGTON - President Trump today lashed out at leaks coming from across Washington and said he has asked the Justice Department to investigate. “It’s a criminal act.”

    But as a candidate Trump reveled in leaks — WikiLeaks. On the trail in Florida and elsewhere, Trump discussed the Democratic emails that an array of experts say were hacked by the Russians.

    Pressed on matter, Trump attempted to draw a distinction between “classified” information coming out now vs. internal Democratic chatter....

  15. Trump names FIU Dean Alex Acosta as labor pick


    WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump today named FIU Law Dean Alex Acotsa as his new labor secretary choice after his first pick withdrewin controversy.

    Acosta, if confirmed, would be the first Hispanic in Trump's Cabinet.

    Acosta has been dean at Florida International University since 2009. He has experience as a U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida and served on the National Labor Relations Board....

    Alexander Acosta